Beach Wedding Hairstyles For Brides: Ideas And Inspiration

beach wedding hairstyles for bride

How are beach wedding hair styles different than regular bridal hairstyles? As a general rule, seaside wedding hairstyles are more relaxed and casual. However, when it comes to choosing the actual hairstyle, there are certain things that you need to consider.

What beach wedding hair style is best for you?

The answer depends largely on personal taste, the shape of your face and also your hair type and texture.

A beach bride who embraces fully the whole casual beach wedding mantra, will often choose to not do anything special with her hair. She will keep it as casual and as natural as possible. And why not. If that is what makes her feel beautiful and comfortable, then that is all that matters.

Remember supermodel Cindy Crawford when she got married in the Bahamas? On her special day, Cindy wore her hair down in pretty much her normal everyday style, so there was no elaborate bridal hairstyle.

Not every bride will choose this option of course. It depends greatly how happy and comfortable you are with your hair in general. If you love your hair and if your hair is quite manageable, then you should have no problem with wearing it down.

If however, after a few hours, your hair usually starts looking drab, then you may want to consider doing something special with your hair on the day of your wedding. Even if this simply means using different, more long lasting styling products then you usually go for. It’s not fun feeling self conscious about the state of your hair. You should be able to enjoy your day to the full and not stay worrying about your appearance.

Popular Beach Wedding Hairstyles For Brides

A very popular beach wedding hair style is simply wearing a flower in your hair. This hair style spells natural chic and style like no other. A simple flower can literally do wonders with the overall look of your hair and fits in perfectly with the whole romantic beach wedding ambiance. And you can’t go more feminine than that.

A flower is also quite versatile since you can use it if you’re going to wear your hair down and also if you’re thinking of having a casual upstyle.

If you’ve got long and curly hair, then you might want to consider straightening it for the day. Chances of ending up with tangled hair are higher with curly long hair.

Curly hair is usually a nightmare to control and you must remember that getting married on a beach will most probably mean wind. And lots of it. However if you’ve never straightened your hair before, give this some careful thought. Would you want to show up at your wedding with a completely different look? Or would you rather keep your lovely curls and choose a style that is manageable on a beach?

beach wedding hairstyles

Another popular beach wedding hair style is to have your hair pulled back and keep it all together with bridal decorative hair clips. With this style you can wear your hair in a ponytail or bun.

A loosely tied bun will give that dreamy, feminine and natural look while a ponytail will give you a more classic look. Depending on your face shape, you can also choose to leave a few random strands of hair down to accentuate your features.

beach themed wedding hairtstyles

This type of style will keep your hair in place, no matter the amount of wind there’ll be on the day.

The classic French braid is also popular for beach weddings. If you’d like a more “down to earth” look, then a messy French braid will do the trick.

beach wedding hairstyles for curly hair

If you’re blessed with that type of hair that you can just pin up casually and still look fabulous, then go for it! Simply pin it up with a stylish beach wedding accessory such as a dainty starfish or a tropical flower clip and you’re good to go.

One Last Note

Getting married on a beach will probably mean that there will be sand, wind, salt and moisture. Not exactly a perfect combination for great looking hair. So depending on your hair type and texture, you must choose your beach wedding hairstyle carefully and also make use of special hair styling products. These will help you manage your hair better and it will hopefully remain intact throughout your wedding reception.

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