3 Adorable Sea Turtle Gifts For Her That Will Bring A Smile To Her Face

sea turtle gifts ideas

On this page, I’ve featured 3 of my most favorite sea turtle gifts for her ideas. They are sure to put a smile on any sea turtle lover’s face.

And who doesn’t love sea turtles? They’re the cutest, most fascinating things and they symbolize patience, wisdom and good luck. And who doesn’t need good luck in today’s world?

Gift Idea #1

This sea turtle keychain would make a gorgeous gift for the sea turtle lover. It has such incredible detail and texture. Has a nice weight to it too. Even the back of the sea turtle pendant is lovely. She’s sure to love it.

sea turtle keychain

I love the big aquamarine bead. It compliments the bronze tone of the turtle so beautifully. $3 Flat Rate Shipping worldwide!

Grab yours HERE.

Sea Turtle Gifts For Her: Idea #2

How cute are these sea turtle earrings? I can’t get over how adorable these little cuties are. And you can’t go wrong with silver and blue. They go well with practically any color.

sea turtle earrings

Get them HERE.

Gift Idea #3

And how about this stunning sea turtle necklace? Sculpted entirely by hand, this necklace features a painted seascape and tiny real seashells.  Whenever I make one of these pendants, I am always so stoked with how realistic the seascape looks! This one would make any sea turtle lover’s day. 

These beauties are swimming out of my studio fast. $3 Flat Rate Shipping worldwide!

Grab yours HERE.

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I hope that you liked these 3 ideas of sea turtle gifts for her. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to make someone’s day. A thoughtful gift is always better in my books. Any sea turtle lover will love these gifts that’s for sure.