3 Unique Mermaid Gifts For Adults That Won’t Break The Bank In 2021

mermaid gifts

Looking for mermaid gifts for adults that are inexpensive but unique and great quality? Take a look at these 3 lovely gifts which are not only handmade but they’re limited edition too! Guaranteed to make your favorite mermaid’s heart smile. 

Gift Idea #1

This seahorse keychain would make an awesome gift for the mermaid lover. A sweet little treat for your favorite mermaid. She’s sure to love it. Or why not treat yourself? Only $9.00!

It looks really cool with lots of keys attached to the ring. I know because I made one just like it for myself. Grab one HERE. 

Mermaid Gifts For Adults: Idea #2

No landlocked mermaid is complete without a fabulous pair of earrings. Our best selling hand painted mermaid earrings are sure to please. Lightweight and super comfortable to wear, these earrings are embellished with lovely aquamarine beads, a reminder of the crystal clear aquamarine waters she often calls home. Just $8.00! Get these pretties HERE.

Mermaid Gifts For Adults: Idea #3

I’m a big fan of these style of bracelets because they’re a great accessory that you could wear comfortably every day. Plus, you can also layer them with other bracelets that you have. Win, win!  The mermaid focal has such amazing patina on it. Just like it was recently discovered at the bottom of the ocean. 

This beautiful, earthy mermaid bracelet will get her many compliments. Guaranteed! Get it HERE.  

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I hope that you got some inspiration and ideas from these mermaid gifts for adults I’ve prepared for you.  For more gift ideas for mermaid lovers, check out some of my other mermaid themed handcrafted items here.