How To Choose The Right Plus Size Beach Wedding Dress

plus size beach wedding dress

Perhaps one of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing your plus size beach wedding dress is comfort. Your beach wedding is going to be one of the most memorable days of your life. Don’t ruin it by choosing an inappropriate gown. If you’ve always dreamed of having one of those full, fairytale ball gowns, then you might want to reconsider having a beach wedding in the first place.

The same applies for your bridal shoes. Before beauty, think comfort.

Now back to your wedding dress.

Choosing Your Plus Size Beach Wedding Dress

Tip #1

Stay calm and confident. Just because in most bridal magazines and TV shows you only see stick figure brides, it doesn’t mean that you won’t find the right dress for you. Many bridal retailers today are catering for the plus size bride.

Do browse around bridal magazines though. This will give you at least a vague idea of what style of dress you want to go for. That’s if you don’t have a particular one in mind already.

Tip #2

Start looking for a wedding dress as early as possible. It’s recommended that you start looking for your dress at least some 8 months before the wedding. Don’t panic. This advice is relevant for all beach brides, not just plus size.

This is especially true if you’re going to have your dress custom made. Plus you also need to consider the fact that your first fitting should be at least two months before your wedding.

In addition, your bridal shop might need to order your dress because they don’t have it in stock. So that’s possibly another 3 months waiting for your dress to arrive.

Nowadays, more brides are choosing to buy their wedding dress online. This is a convenient and somewhat faster way of browsing through all the wedding dresses that there are available and then make your decision. When ordering online, you need to consider shipping time and possibly returns.

Tip #3

If you’re going to visit a bridal salon, take some friends or family with you. Ask for their honest opinion and feedback.

Choosing the right style

So what type of styles are most suited for the plus size beach bride?


The A-line plus size beach wedding dress would be fitted at the bust and widens to a full skirt resembling the letter A. This style is very flattering for bottom-heavy figures.


An Empire style beach wedding dress is high waisted, flowing and skims lightly over your curves. With these types of dresses, the waist line is above the natural waistline, usually right below the bust. Perfect if you have a thick waist or you’re bottom-heavy.

V Neck

If you’re heavy busted, the V Neck style is very flattering. Choose a halter style or plunging neckline for a sexier look.

With Sleeves

If you’ve got heavy arms, you might want to consider getting a dress with sleeves (lace or chiffon sleeves look stunning).

Off shoulder styles can also be very flattering.

For a stylish romantic look, you can also wear a chic wrap around your arms. This will look gorgeous on a simple and informal wedding dress because it will make it look more elegant and stylish. Three-quarter sleeves are another option.

plus size beach wedding dress with sleeves

Some other things to take note of

  • Full ball gown dresses are usually not ideal for a beach wedding, plus they will add to overall roundness.
  • Try to avoid short or tea-length wedding dresses, if you’re self conscious about your legs. They will make you look shorter and heavier.
  • Watch out for the material of the dress. Avoid very thick material. Ideally, you should look for material that is somewhat “stiff” and that does not cling to the body too much. Also avoid dresses with too many layers and fabric. This will not look flattering.

plus size beach wedding dress without sleeves

A Final Word

Whatever style of plus size beach wedding dress you choose, make sure that you’re comfortable wearing it. A million dollar dress will mean nothing, if you feel self conscious in it. Choose a dress that you love, that fits you well and most of all that you feel confident wearing.

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