Hey ocean lovers!

My name is Marica Zammit and I am the founder and owner of Salvina’s Treasures, a website on all things coastal and nautical. I’m so thrilled to have you here.

On this site I share my unique handmade ocean jewelry, accessories and home accents as well as curate some of the best coastal creations from around the globe. So if you’re looking for beautiful jewelry, accessories and home decor with an ocean theme, you’re in the right place.

I was born in Malta, a tiny island at the heart of the Mediterranean. Being an island girl, my greatest influence in my artistic journey have always been and always will be the sea. 

I am beyond blessed to live on an island that has the most beautiful and crystal clear blue waters you will ever see.

My love for the sea started early. I have my parents to thank for this.

Every summer, we used to spend weeks camping on the beach.

I still remember like it was yesterday, the waking up filled with excitement and anticipation for the upcoming adventure, the long drive to the beach with me wide eyed looking at all the beautiful scenery as if it was the first time I was seeing it. The quarreling with dad when me and my brother used to ignore his calls to go help him set up the tent haha.

Poor dad used to end up setting it up all by himself with mum lending a helping hand while me and my brother rushed to have that first swim.

Sorry dad, but choosing between laying still for endless minutes waiting for you to figure out how the tent’s supposed to be set up versus diving into the clear blue waters is kind of a no brainer for a six year old kid haha I remember how our dog Rex used to sprint out of the car and start running on the beach like crazy and then dive into the water like a pro. Such wonderful, happy memories.

My love for the sea and anything nautical is evident in each piece that I create. I love mermaids, seahorses, anchors, pirates, everything and anything that has to do with the sea basically.

Malta’s rich 7000 year history means that I am surrounded by prehistoric ruins and ancient artifacts practically everywhere I look. This love and fascination with all things rustic and weathered also features heavily in my designs.

You may be wondering why Salvina’s Treasures when my name is Marica. Salvina is my mother. She passed away in November 2014. I cared for her for 9 years when her condition took over. It is still very hard for me to talk about this period of my life so I will keep this short.

Everything I am today is because of her. She was by far, the most beautiful soul I have every known. I miss her terribly.

She knew that I wanted to create an ocean themed jewelry line. But during her final months, I cared for her 24/7 so there was no time to create. So sadly, she never got to see any pieces from my line. She did however see some of my earlier pieces and artisan beads.

She was my greatest supporter in fact. She used to love seeing my latest creations. She used to ask me whether I had made anything new. Her eyes used to light up when I used to show her my work.

Salvina’s Treasures was born in March 2015 in honor of her.

The response to my ocean jewelry line has been nothing short of amazing. I am blessed with having the best and most supportive customers ever. Many I have since become friends with.

I am humbled and grateful that you have chosen to walk with me on this journey. I have so many exciting plans for Salvina’s Treasures! Join me will you, as I continue to explore the ocean world, discover and create.

Much love and peace,

Marica xx

My Chief Quality Control Officer, Captain Marley wanted to say hi.

So here he is.

His favorite pastimes, besides sleeping on the job haha are destroying shoe laces, carpets and curtains. He also likes to chase birds in our yard and pounce on anything that moves.