7 Pirate Gifts Ideas For Adults They’ll Love

Looking for that something special to give to your favorite pirate? Have a look at this list of pirate gifts for adults I’ve compiled below. Finding the perfect pirate themed present can be a headache sometimes, especially if the person you’re gifting has just about anything under the sun that is pirate themed. So what’s a good gift for a pirate? Check out the list below of gifts that will be the envy of family and friends.

Cool Pirate Stuff: Idea #1

You want to buy your favorite pirate a little something cool and uncommon but everywhere you look it’s the same old, bland pirate themed products. No worries, I have something for you that nobody else has. Take a look at this gorgeous little metal bookmark.

How cool is that now? Grab it HERE and make their day. These pirate bookmarks are limited edition and make great unusual gifts for pirate lovers.

pirate bookmark

Pirate Themed Things: Idea #2

Next on my list is this sundial. Such a great conversation starter! This sundial compass will go down well with pirates, steampunk enthusiasts and lovers of all things nautical. Moreover, it’s such an intricate piece that I think that anyone who is fascinated with bygone eras would love it. This would make a great little present for him (or her).

nautical sundial

Pirate Stuff For Adults: Idea #3

Still not sure what to get your favorite pirate? How about this beauty here? I’m so in love with this octopus wine bottle holder. The color is gorgeous and the detail it has is amazing. Most of all, it’s totally badass don’t you think? Wish they had this in green too. Would have looked fabulous in our dining room. *pout*

octopus wine bottle holder pirate gifts ideas


Gift Idea #4

Isn’t this salt and pepper shaker set the coolest thing? A great accent for your pirate or Halloween party. And if you’re a die-hard pirate lover you can leave it on your table all year round. Huzzah!

pirate salt and pepper shaker set

Gift Idea #5

Due to my obstinate clumsiness haha, I have had many accidents with mugs so I’m always on the lookout for nice ones. This ceramic octopus mug really caught my attention. I love the octopus design but most of all I love the quote. I try to live by it each and every day.

Gift Idea #6

I love the rustic, grungy look this treasure map tablecloth has. Not sure whether I would actually use it for its purpose because I’d be afraid I’d ruin it by dropping drinks on it. Or maybe it’s just me and my clumsiness O:-) I think that it could also double up as wall decor with a little bit of imagination. One of the coolest pirate themed gift ideas I’ve seen so far.

Pirate Gifts: Idea #7

I’m heavily biased here but I think that one can never have enough jewelry 😉 So if you’re still looking for unique pirate gifts for him (or her), take a look at some of the pirate beauties I’ve recently finished. Like this gorgeous pirate necklace for instance. Entirely sculpted by hand and signed on the back by me. By the way, I have lots of other pirate themed jewelry and accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings and keychains HERE.

pirate jewelry


I hope that you found my pirate gifts ideas interesting and above all useful. And if you’re still not sure about a gift you’re thinking of getting, remember that just the fact that you thought of something with a pirate theme should be enough for them to like and appreciate your gift.

If you’re wondering why there isn’t any rum in the list, it’s because it was already gone when I made the list 😉