3 Unique Pirate Gifts For Him Under $20

unique pirate themed gifts for him

Let’s face it, unique pirate gifts for guys are hard to come by. We’ve all been there, searching for that special something for our favorite pirate. Could be his birthday, an anniversary, Christmas, it doesn’t matter. The more you care for someone, the more likely it is that you’re always looking to get him that perfect gift. Sometimes, Amazon just won’t cut it. Because who wants to gift that special someone something that you know thousands more have it. You want something unique and special, just like your relationship.

For me, nothing spells more unique than something that’s been handmade. Not only are the following pirate gifts for him all handmade, they’re also limited edition. And best of all, they’re all under $20.

Pirate Gifts For Him: Idea #1

This gorgeous pirate themed keychain for guys features a lovely pirate ship and skull cameo. The cameo is hand painted and distressed for a weathered look. I feel that a keychain is perfect when you’re not entirely sure of the recipient’s tastes and preferences, because who doesn’t like a cool new keychain? Plus for most of us, the amount of keys we have is practically endless … apartment keys, car keys, parents’ house keys, storage locker keys, etc.

unique pirate gifts for him

Pirate Gift Idea #2

A good number of guys don’t really like wearing jewelry, but if he loves pirates there’s a good chance that he likes jewelry too. After all, pirates from the Golden Age of Piracy were famous for piling on the jewels. They practically wore anything they could lay their hands on.

This badass pirate skull necklace is sure to please. One thing I love about it is that even though it’s quite dramatic, it’s super lightweight. So it’s very comfortable to wear. He won’t even know he has it on!

pirate skull necklace gift for him

Unique Pirate Gifts For Him: Idea #3

If you noticed that he loves immersing himself into pirate books, then this wonderful little bookmark will do the trick. This vintage style treasure will help him get even more captivated by all things pirate. Plus he’ll be marking his place like a true pirate boss 😉

pirate gift for him bookmark

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