1. Vickie Forbes

    Thank you for the symbolism of starfish. Last night when I was walking out to my car, I happened to look down and found a small starfish. How it got there, I don’t know nor do I know how no other vehicle ran over it. FYI I don’t live near the ocean, I’m in Arizona. So I believe that I was meant to find it as a symbol of renewal and healing, a gift from God.

    • Marica Zammit

      What a wonderful story Vickie! Thank you for sharing it here. I appreciate it.

      I agree. I believe that throughout our life we are given symbols to help us in our struggles along the way. I wish you peace and healing.

      – Marica xx

  2. Barbara

    Thank you. This week my family and I are celebrating my mother’s 80 th birthday. She is very excited about the whole family being with her to celebrate. So, I bought a care and chose a starfish on the beach. I am not fond of starfish so I wasn’t sure why I chose this card for my mother. Now, that I am reading your symbolism, I totally understand why: Healing and Renewing. How utterly beautiful that is and how perfect for her (and everyone else) to get a starfish. Thank you. I have a new found appreciation for this symbol in Nature.

    • Marica Zammit

      Oh how lovely for your mother to have her whole family to celebrate with her 🙂 I agree, nature gives us many symbols that each one of us can appreciate and treasure. Have a wonderful time at your mother’s birthday celebration!

      – Marica xx

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