Starfish jewelry and why it’s so special to me

My love for starfish jewelry started when I was a teenager. The first starfish necklace I ever got was a dainty one made from sterling silver. I still have that necklace laying around, somewhere haha

Like any other kid I guess, my fascination with starfish started as soon as I saw my first real one at the beach.

I must have been four or five years old I think. We were at our favorite beach when I saw this English boy running towards his mother with an orange starfish in his hand. His mother promptly told him to put it back into the water.

I remember I got a little bit closer and we both stood there for what seemed like hours haha just looking at it in the water.

This wonderful, magical scene came back to me when I came across the Starfish Story a few years ago. If you haven’t read this heartwarming story yet, I suggest you do so. A word of warning though, it will probably make your starfish “obsession” worse haha

Or it could just be me lol All I know is that ever since I read that story by Loren Eiseley, I can’t stop making starfish jewelry!

I also love the symbolic meaning of the starfish. I’ve written a blog post about it. Here it is if you’d like to know what the starfish represents and how it can help us survive in this world.

In my ocean themed creations, I use starfish in many ways.

Sometimes, I use starfish as an embellishment. Like in this lovely seahorse pendant necklace for example …

seahorse and starfish necklace
This necklace didn’t last long in my shop. Isn’t that tiny aquamarine starfish the cutest?

Other times, I use starfish as the main focal.

starfish jewelry
I’m so in love with these fun, summer starfish earrings! I need to make more because I’m out of stock right now.
starfish wrap bracelet
Starfish feature often in my wrap bracelets too. The starfish in this bracelet is hand sculpted by me and signed on the back. 
starfish anklet
This lovely starfish anklet is one of my personal favorites. I need to make one for myself. More info about this anklet here.