7 Insanely Gorgeous Pirate Necklaces Everyone Wants To Own

unique pirate necklaces

If you’re looking for ways to give your pirate garb that extra umph, then look no further. These stunning pirate necklaces will not only elevate your look, but they’ll practically make your outfit!

Pirate Necklace #1

I fell in love with these lockets the first time I saw them. To say they’re beautiful would be a huge understatement. Intricate workmanship and exquisite details make these vintage lockets a truly rare find. The lovely antiqued brass and copper color combo these pirate locket necklaces have go well with many colors. An elegant necklace fit for a pirate captain or queen.

pirate locket necklaces

Pirate Necklaces #2

If you like chunky chains and statement pieces, then this necklace is for you. The lovely vintage style chain is made in the US and has a gorgeous diamond pattern design on each link. The Victorian style pendant features an antiqued brass skull and crossbones and a silver anchor. A piece of delicate chain dangles from the pendant for that added interest. A solitary silver treasure chest charm hangs at the end of the extender chain. Pure perfection!

statement pirate necklaces

Pirate Necklace #3

Who doesn’t like heart necklaces? This beautiful piece of pirate jewelry has an intricate rusted iron finish. It’s really unlike anything you’ve seen before. Embellished with gorgeous black, rusted iron brown, silver and copper accents, this stunner will not disappoint. Even the back of the pendant is beautiful!

pirate heart necklaces

Pirate Necklace #4

A little bit smaller than the pirate necklaces I’ve featured so far, this piece is a conversation starter nonetheless. I love all the intricate details and textures this beauty has. Featuring a small skull and crossbones focal, and two silver crossed swords, this necklace is finished off with a sparkly Baroque style Swarovski pendant.

vintage style skull and crossbones necklace

Pirate Necklaces #5

If you like rugged and somewhat organic jewelry, then this piece might be just the one for you. The base of the pendant is entirely sculpted by hand and it was given an antiqued and distressed finish. Featuring a silver skull and crossbones focal and a copper anchor, the pendant was embellished further with organic style bead wrapping. Although quite dramatic, this necklace is actually very lightweight.

black skull and crossbones necklace

Pirate Necklace #6

If you don’t want to spend too much time on creating your pirate persona, then this piece will transform you into a pirate in a couple of minutes. Simply wear this necklace with a white or black peasant shirt, black pants, wide brown belt, boots and bandana and voila, you’re all set for hours of plundering and fun. This statement piece features sparkly rhinestones, tentacles, a skull and crossbones focal, an anchor and pieces of dangling chains. All set on a Victorian style pendant. Beautiful!

necklace for pirate lovers

Pirate Necklaces #7

The last necklace I’ll be featuring here has a bit of a steampunk vibe, in addition to a pirate theme. Tentacles, cogs, anchors and chains galore. And of course a lovely antiqued copper skull and crossbones focal. This is another great statement piece that you’ll love wearing because it’s super lightweight, so very comfortable to wear.

steampunk skull and crossbones necklace

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