7 Cool Pirate Keychains You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

cool pirate keychains

If you have a loved one who’s obsessed with all things pirate and nautical, you might find it hard to find a gift that they’ll truly love and use. Gift giving can be even more overwhelming when the person seems to have “everything”. Or you don’t really know their tastes and preference, besides the fact that they love pirates.

What to do?

Getting them a beautiful keychain can be the answer. Everyone has keys right? But most people won’t bother buying a nice keychain for themselves. That’s where you come in.

Giving a pirate lover a keychain with a pirate and/or nautical theme will not only bring a smile to their face but it will put that extra sparkle in their eyes whenever they catch a glimpse of it. Their pirate themed keychain will serve as a happy reminder of their love for pirate adventures.

Featured in this article are 7 cool pirate keychains you won’t find in stores.

Pirate Keychains #1

Check out this awesome keychain for men (or women). How stunning is the pirate skull pendant? And the anchor gives it that added interest I feel. So unique. The pendant has an antiqued and distressed vibe. Just love it.

pirate skull anchor keychain


Pirate Keychain #2

The next keychain I’d like to feature is this nautical themed beauty. Love everything about it. The colors, textures and the hint of sparkle. Featuring a seashell, a skull and crossbones charm, anchor and a couple of beads, this unique keyring is sure to please the pirate and nautical enthusiast.

nautical keyring


Pirate Skull Keyring #3

If you’re looking for a statement pirate keychain, this would be it. This one’s a definite conversation starter. If this keyring doesn’t spell pirate boss I don’t know what does 😉

pirate skull keyring


Pirate Themed Keychains #4

This cool anchor and rope keychain is antiqued by hand. It almost looks like it’s just been dug up from the bottom of the ocean. Love, love, love.

anchor rope keychain

Pirate Keychain #5

Looking for something a bit more fun? This lovely keychain features a caricature style pirate with a sword and peg leg. This would make a great gift if you know of a pirate who needs a little pick-me-up.

fun pirate keychain


Pirate Inspired Keyring #6

If you’re looking for something intriguing and one of a kind, then look no further. This stunning pirate woman keychain would be it. Featuring a pirate woman wearing an eye patch and a couple of tentacles rising from the deep, this badass keychain is a definite attention grabber. Sculpted entirely by hand from polymer clay and signed on the back.

pirate lady keyring

Pirate Keychains #7

I love the antiqued and distressed look this pirate ship cameo has. This stunner will make a great vintage style accessory. You will love showing off this one.

pirate ship keychain

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