9 Beautiful Pirate Earrings For Women She’ll Absolutely Love

beautiful pirate earrings for women

Shopping for pirate earrings for women can be a bit daunting. Because while you’ll definitely come across many earrings with a pirate theme, they’re mostly just a pair of skull and crossbones charms hanging from an earring hook. What if you want something truly unique?

The following 9 pirate themed earrings are not only jaw-droppingly beautiful but they’re also limited edition. So you can rest assured that you won’t see hundreds others wearing them. Guaranteed!

Pirate Earrings #1

These stunning pirate earrings for women won’t go unnoticed that’s for sure. Featuring a small copper tone skull and crossbones charm, an anchor and a set of vintage style keys, these beauties will elevate your garb in an instant. These pirate costume earrings make such a statement that you don’t really need to wear anything else. Simply style with a renaissance blouse or peasant shirt, bandana or pirate hat and you’re good to go. The only thing you need to be careful of is their length. Since these are quite long, they might not be the best option for you if your neck is on the shorter side. A more modest length (like the earrings I’ll be talking about next) might be a better option for you.

statement pirate earrings for women

Skull And Crossbones Earrings #2

If you plan on piling on the jewels, then these earrings might be for you. Since they’re what I would call medium sized, you can easily wear a big statement necklace with them (or 2 or 3 layered necklaces), a charm bracelet and even rings, without looking like you’re wearing way too much jewelry. Plus since they’re mixed metals, they practically go well with any color.

unique ladies skull and crossbones earrings

Pirate Earrings #3

These beauties are the black version of the earrings I’ve just mentioned. I must say I much rather prefer these to the silver ones. Since they’re black, I feel that they’re way more dramatic than the others. They just amp up that wow factor I think. These earrings are so striking, that you can easily choose not to wear any other jewelry with them if you wish.

black pirate earrings for women

Skull And Crossbones Earrings #4

If you like your earrings to have a bit of a Gothic vibe, then you’ve just found them. These gorgeous earrings feature bronze tone skull and crossbones charms, Victorian style pendants and amazing ruby Swarovski crystal pendants. Fit for a pirate queen.

gothic pirate earrings

Pirate Earrings #5

If you like a little bit of sparkle in your jewelry, these earrings have just enough to do the job. Featuring a pair of skull and crossbones charms laying in front of a lovely Vintage style pendant, these pretties also have tiny silver sparkly rhinestones. They’re not excessively long either, so they can be worn by most women.

skull and crossbones earrings

Pirate Skull Earrings #6

There are times when you want to use your jewelry to add a bit of color to your garb. Or perhaps you want to compliment the colors that you already have in your clothes with your jewelry. These earrings would look great if you have dark mauve or brown accents in your pirate garb. These beauties have a lovely copper, brass and mauve color scheme. A gorgeous design that won’t go unnoticed.

mauve copper brass pirate earrings

Skull And Crossbones Earrings #7

If you’re wanting to make a grand pirate entrance, then these earrings are for you. Flashy and striking, these pretties feature a silver, bronze and pearl color combo. These would look great with many colors.

statement pirate earrings

Pirate Earrings #8

I just love the drama these earrings have. An intricate Victorian style pendant serves as the base for the pirate charms. A pair of beautiful black onyx pendants take the earrings to a whole new level. Just wow!

black pirate earrings for her

Skull Earrings #9

The final pair of earrings that I’m featuring are slender and elegant. Perfect if you’re not used to wearing big statement jewelry and want to wean into it slowly. A mixture of metals and elaborate textures, these earrings will quickly become your favorite go to earrings when you’re in pirate mode.

pirate skull earrings

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