These Palm Tree Home Decor Ideas Will Give Your Space Vacation Vibes

palm tree home decor

Looking for palm tree home decor ideas? I got you covered. I love palm trees. But really, who doesn’t?

Next year, I want to start adding accents here and there to our home to make it look and feel more nautical and beachy. And what better way to do this then to introduce some palm tree decorations?

To start with, I am planning on making some palm tree photo frames or perhaps some palm tree wall art. We’ll see.

Hey how cool would it be if we could fit a palm tree in our backyard? It would feel like we’re on a permanent vacation. Sadly it wouldn’t fit, so I plan on decorating the house with lots of palm tree accents instead. Now I don’t want to overdo it. Just a few stylish accessories would be enough I think.

I went on a browsing spree on Amazon today for ideas and below are some of the stunning palm tree home decor pieces that caught my eye. Ooooh I can’t wait to start decorating next year.

Palm Tree Home Decor Ideas #1

I’m going to start off the drool fest haha with this amazing palm tree cabinet. How gorgeous is this cabinet now? And how magnificently artsy is it? I think I’m in love.

Go here if you’d like more info on this stunning piece of art.

Palm Tree Decor Ideas #2

Next up is this gorgeous palm tree wooden wall hanging. As you’ve probably noticed from my own designs, I am a sucker for all things rustic and weathered. This art piece is made from reclaimed wood. 

palm tree wall hanging
Full details about this piece here.

What I really like about this wooden palm tree wall hanging is that they offer various sizes and colors. I especially like that they can customize the size because you know, sometimes you just have a small bit of space on your wall, so it’s good to be able to get the exact size that you want.

Palm Tree Decor Idea #3

I was greatly intrigued with this palm trees decal too. I love how it’s so striking and yet so “simple”. The brown one is the one I like best (they have black and white too). It will look great if you love the minimalist look.


palm tree wall decal
This decal just spells serenity and peace to me. More info here.

A word of warning.  Judging from some of the reviews, it seems that some found it a bit hard to put up. Being a perfectionist I’m not sure whether I’d be “brave” enough to get this because if I get any wrinkles they would haunt me forever lol

But it’s gorgeous isn’t it? Maybe if I could get someone who’s skillful in wallpaper and such. Hmmm …

Decor Idea With Palm Trees #4

From all the palm tree shower curtains I came across, I loved this one best. Can you tell that I absolutely love brown yet? Brown and blue are my two most favorite colors.


palm tree shower curtain
Isn’t this curtain gorgeous? Because it only has shades of brown, I think that this would look great with many other colors. Get more details here.

Palm Tree Decor Idea #5

I feel that beautiful decorative pillows have the ability to transform a regular room from “nice” to “Wow!”.  And these palm tree decorative pillows just ooze style I think. Plus they look so soft!

palm tree pillow
I just love the sophisticated vibe these pillows have. Get yours here

Home Decorating With Palm Trees: Idea #6

What other palm tree home decor pieces did I find on my Amazon browsing spree? Oh yes. I thought this lovely palm tree lamp shade would go really well with the other items I’ve already shared for instance. What do you think? Pure perfection in my opinion.


palm tree lamp
This lamp shade reminds me of lazy days on a tropical island soaking up the sun and breathing in the fresh ocean air. More info on these lamp shades available here.

The Best Palm Tree Home Decor Idea?

Saving the best for last? Hmmm not sure, because I’m in love with each and every one of the pieces I shared haha But this palm tree rug is truly something else I think.

palm tree rug
They offer this rug in various sizes. Perfect! More photos and info here.

I hope that I managed to give you some ideas with regards to palm tree home decor. All the items that I shared ooze style and sophistication in my opinion. Moreover, I am a great believer that just by adding some simple accents here and there you can “revamp” your home without breaking the bank. And who doesn’t like that?