Octopus Jewelry Galore: Tentacles, Pirates And More!

octopus jewelry woman necklace

I don’t know what it is about octopus jewelry that I like so much. I guess it’s the mystery and uniqueness to it all. I was never one to wear your “usual” dainty or flowery jewelry. From an early age, I always sought out jewelry that was unusual and meant something.

Since I’ve started to make jewelry, I must say that tentacle and octopus themed jewelry is one of my absolute favorites to make.

On this page, I’m going to share some of the pieces that I’ve made over the years. All these one of a kind beauties have since found a forever home. I do have other pieces that are available for purchase though. You can view them¬†HERE.

I believe that this was one of the first ever octopus themed necklaces I’ve made.

octopus jewelry skull necklace

It features a skull and crossbones focal entangled into the tentacles of an octopus. Sculpted entirely by hand by me.

I also love making these style of tentacle necklaces. So soothing and relaxing to create.

statement tentacle necklace
tentacle necklace
This is another piece that I was really happy with the way it had turned out. Didn’t last long in my shop. It looks very striking on.

octopus cuff bracelet
I also love making tentacle and octopus earrings. I think I only made one pair like these ones. I need to make more.

octopus earrings
The final piece that I wanted to show you is this gorgeous octopus woman statement necklace. This also got snagged pretty quick. It took many hours to make but I enjoyed every second of it. This piece features a stunning ribbon turquoise stone at the center. So in love with how it turned out.

octopus jewelry woman necklace

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