Nautical jewelry and my fascination with all things nautical

My fascination with beautiful nautical jewelry (and all things nautical) began at a very early age.  I still remember like it was yesterday, the days that we used to go camping on the beach for weeks. I think I was about 4 or 5 years old when the family obsession with camping really took off.

Nothing like waking up early in the morning, listening to the waves, watching the sunrise and munching on that delicious fresh toast that my mother used to prepare for us. Heaven on earth.

I also remember me and my brother pestering my dad to get one of those fabulous cabin cruisers (or a small yacht) so we could spend the day “hopping” from one beach to the other. It never happened haha Those boats were (and probably still are) super expensive and we couldn’t afford one.

Still that didn’t stop me from fantasizing about dropping my non-existent boat anchor at a lovely, secluded beach haha

I think that this fixation must have stuck with me because I still love anchors. In fact, I have many anchor themed accessories and decor. And of course, since I’ve started making jewelry, anchors have featured heavily in my creations.

Our fascinating maritime history didn’t help curb my nautical addiction either. I could spend days just looking at all the nautical artifacts and tools that are exhibited in the many museums that we have on the island.

Some of my nautical obsessions in addition to anchors (and what they represent) are ship wheels, compasses and mastheads. And as you might guess, these feature frequently in my nautical jewelry.

compass locket necklace
I may be a bit biased ;-P but isn’t this compass locket necklace absolutely gorgeous?
ship masthead necklace
This ship masthead necklace is one of the first nautical pieces I’ve ever created. It sold within a few hours!
lighthouse necklace
Lighthouses are magical. Wouldn’t you agree?

If you’d like to take a peek at all the nautical jewelry that I have available right now, go to my online shop here.


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