It’s finally here! My latest collection!

Woohoo! My latest collection is finally here.

I’ve been working on this collection for months. I think that I could safely say that I’ve been inspired to create a collection like this all my life haha (well at least ever since I’ve started making jewelry).

I have always been intrigued with antiqued and weathered objects. Especially sunken treasure. And living on an island only made my fascination with sunken treasure worse. As a kid, I used to love to snorkel. And I remember looking for treasure ever since I was a wee kid. So what’s it matter if I was looking for it in knee deep waters haha

In my mind, the possibility was still there.  And it was never for the monetary value either, just to experience the thrill of discovering something that old, forgotten and lost.

Many, many years later and I um, am still looking haha

Why only a couple of years ago, somewhere near the island of Gozo (this a tiny island next to Malta, where I live) they discovered a Phoenician shipwreck. They found some 50 amphorae (see photo below) just laying there at the bottom of the sea. Can you believe it? Imagine going diving and suddenly coming across such beauty? I would have had a heart attack that’s for sure haha

Phoenician shipwreck
Some 50 amphorae found near Gozo island. These amphorae were on a Phoenician vessel which sank more than 2,700 years ago.

But back to my collection …

This new collection features one of kind and limited edition pieces. All of them will have an antiqued, weathered or distressed look  just like they’ve been recently discovered or dug up from the bottom of the ocean.

So without further ado, ladies and gents I now present to you …

My new Lost Treasures Collection

Lost Treasures Collection

A variety of mermaid treasures and ocean themed pieces. Perfect for the nautical enthusiast.

And if we’re talking sunken treasure, we must have pirate themed pieces too, no? Lots of one of a kind and limited edition pirate treasures like nothing you’ve seen before ☠

pirate necklace

These are just a few pieces from the line. To see the whole collection, click here.

I’m super stoked with how this collection turned out. And I will be adding to it periodically. So stay tuned!


Much love and peace, 

Marica xx

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