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hibiscus jewelry

About three months ago, I launched my Laguna Collection. That collection was inspired by the crystal clear aquamarine waters of the Blue Lagoon on Comino Island. Response to that collection has been nothing short of amazing. I really have the best customers in the whole world. I am humbled and ever so grateful each and every day.

While I was creating pieces for that collection, I was inspired to make another one. Yes, it seems that my creative mind never sleeps. From what I see and hear, this is something that is common with many artists.

And that collection is finally ready for its debut. Yaaay! I’ve been working here and there on this collection for ages. Sketching designs, buying supplies. But it was only fairly recently, that I finally figured out how I was going to put it all together.

I was inspired to create this collection while looking at old family photos one day.

At the house where I was born and lived for many, many years of my life, we had this beautiful hibiscus tree at our front porch. As a little girl, I was always amazed at how big the red flowers were. They seemed huge to me haha.

hibiscus jewelry

My mother loved hibiscus flowers. She used to tend to the tree with great care. Unlike me, she had green fingers.

hibiscus accessories

hibiscus flower jewelry

I have very fond memories of that tree and what it represented. It represented countless evenings sitting lazily at the porch with my family, having an ice cream or something equally delicious, listening to dad cracking jokes, looking at the sky and counting the stars … Many, many memories that I will treasure forever.

When I used to look at that tree I also used to “see” deserted tropical beaches, hammocks on the beach, sand and seashells. Yes, I have always had a very fertile imagination haha

And this, is where I got my inspiration from for my new collection.

Giving the collection a name was easy. The collection revolves around anything and everything that symbolizes the tropics. So the name Tropicana came naturally.

I am going to launch my new Tropicana Collection with 14 pieces. I am super excited about this collection because I’ve used colors that I never used before in my creations. Some of them were a bit of challenge for me but I absolutely love the way the pieces turned out.

There is something for everyone in this collection. I made lots of earrings, a few bracelets and some necklaces. I’m so excited, I can’t wait to show you guys what I made.

tropical jewelry

The official launch is tomorrow Thursday, 4th of August at 6.00pm (CET). I will be sending a sneak peek to members of my Insiders Club first and then I’ll be posting pics over at my Facebook page.

Speaking of Insiders Club, I will also be sending a special and exclusive coupon to members, where they will be getting a discount on any piece from my new Tropicana Collection. But that’s not all. This coupon will be valid on any piece that is currently available in my online shop. No minimum! 

So if you haven’t joined my club yet, be sure to join to get the discount.

UPDATE: 20 Aug 2016
SOLD OUT! Thank you so much everyone! If you’d like to be the first to know when I launch new collections, be sure to join my Insiders Club here.

Much love and peace,

Marica xx

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