What Are Some Of The Main Supplies That You Would Need For A Beach Wedding?

beach wedding supplies

This article focuses on some of the most common supplies that are needed for a beach wedding. When it comes to wedding supplies, having a beach wedding can save you lots of money since your ocean backdrop will in itself serve as the most beautiful decor one could ever have.

However there are some items that you would need to purchase nonetheless. An added advantage for the beach bride, is that usually beach weddings are smaller than traditional weddings and so the number of supplies that you need to buy will of course be much smaller.

Nowadays, it’s simply amazing how many beach themed wedding supplies one can find. You are really spoiled for choice. The Internet has also made it much easier for brides and grooms to make their purchases online. Purchasing online saves you both time and money since you can often compare prices with just a few clicks.

Wedding Stationery

With a beach wedding, you have an abundance of beautiful and cool stationery to choose from. Set the mood early with destination weddings save the dates or maybe dolphin, seashell or starfish save the date cards. Beach themed wedding invitations are really a must.

Other ideas to consider are a beach wedding guest book, beach themed table number cards and wedding programs, place cards and thank you cards.

Beach Wedding Pergola & Podium

Some wedding sites would already be equipped with a pergola, arch or chuppah. However, in a lot of locations you will have to take care of these decorative supplies yourself. A wedding podium is often required as well, especially if your beach wedding is going to be more formal.

Decorations & Accessories

Although you can often cut back on some traditional wedding decorations if you’re having a beach wedding, there are some cool beach themed decorations that you can get that simply scream “Buy Me!”. Think Hawaiian leis, flower petals, shells, wedding parasols, table lanterns, starfish decorations and a host of other beach themed decorations.

In a beach wedding, the unity candle ceremony is often replaced with a sand ceremony. So of course you can get yourself a gorgeous ocean themed sand ceremony set.

Truth be told, there are so many cute beach themed accessories that a beach bride can go crazy trying to decide what to get. You can choose from beach themed guest books and pens, toasting flutes, wedding cake serving sets, sand ceremony sets and much more.

A trend that has been popular for ages now is to get beach themed wedding cameras. Disposable wedding cameras provide a different perspective to your photo album and are sure to enhance it with lots of candid, fun special moments.

Another important item that will help you follow your theme, is the wedding ring pillow. A cute ocean themed wedding ring pillow will highlight your beach theme in style. As will a lovely beach flower girl basket.

Catering and Drinks

Setting a budget for food and drinks is a must. Think about what kind of food you’d like to be served – finger food, barbecue or more traditional stuff? The choice is yours because it’s YOUR beach wedding after all.


Wedding centerpieces enhance your reception tables and should have a beach theme as well to compliment the whole look. You can integrate sea shells or starfish with the flowers, maybe use lovely light colored wooden trays filled with sand and sea shells, etc. You can find many beautiful beach themed accessories to add to your wedding centerpieces.

Wedding Cake Supplies & Toppers

Your beach wedding cake topper will get a lot of attention. Use it to highlight your personality and to set the mood for your beach wedding reception.

Beach Themed Wedding Favors

Thank your friends and family for joining you in your big day, by giving them a unique wedding favor that they will treasure forever. Some ideas for beach themed wedding favors include, beach glass photo coasters or candle holders,  beach place card holders, beach themed bottle openers or wine stoppers and nice beach themed luggage tags. The list is really endless. (Consider getting wedding favor ribbons. This is especially relevant if you’re going to be doing the favors yourself or if the ribbon is not included with the wedding favors that you’re buying).

One Last Thing

Don’t forget to put together or buy a bridal emergency kit. This will help you relax and enjoy your big day more, knowing that if anything happens you will be well prepared and stocked for all eventualities.

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