Beach Wedding Gifts Ideas

beach wedding gifts

This article provides information and advice on the custom of wedding gift giving.

Of course we all know that the bride and groom receive gifts for their wedding. However, when you’ve just started planning your beach wedding, you may not immediately think of the gifts that you’re expected to give to some of the folks that will be present on your big day.

So who do you give gifts to?

One of the oldest traditions in weddings is the exchange of gifts between the bride and groom. This tradition is followed by many couples but is not mandatory.

Below is a list of some of the people that is customary for the bride and groom to give wedding gifts to. The gifts are given as a token of appreciation for these people’s help with the wedding or as a special thank you for attending your special day. It’s not necessary to go overboard with your gifts. You’ll be amazed at the big, warm fuzzy effect that even a small, genuine, heartfelt gift will have on the recipients.

As a general rule, it is expected that you give gifts to:

Your Parents & The Parents of the Groom

Gifts are given to both of your parents as a token of appreciation for all that they’ve done for you throughout your lives. Your parents have probably made great sacrifices to raise you, give you a good education, etc. It’s time to thank them, show your gratitude and tell them that your special bond will always be there even though you’re getting married.

Consider getting your dads a pair of stylish father of the bride cufflinks and father of the groom cufflinks.

Your mother is probably feeling the pressure too. A cool idea would be to give her a Spa Gift Set to get her to relax and enjoy your big day even more.

Your Bridesmaids

There’s a good chance that you have known your maid of honor and bridesmaids for ages. They probably have supported you through thick and thin, both during your wedding preparations and in life. This is your chance to show your appreciation and thank them for all they’ve done for you. Nowadays, you can find many cute beach wedding gifts suitable for bridesmaids.

Your Groomsmen

Show appreciation to your best man and groomsmen for accepting to be part of your special day. You want to give them something unique that they’ll treasure forever. Personalized gifts for groomsmen are especially popular since they convey both thoughtfulness and personal attention.

A popular choice for many grooms is to get their buddies a set of wedding cufflinks.

Your Flower Girl (s) and Ring Bearer (s)

While these children do not necessarily provide any support with your wedding planning and organizing, they do have to spend a huge amount of time practicing for their “big role”. Hey, who said being a flower girl or ring bearer was easy? Show your appreciation by giving them a small, cute gift.

Out of Town Guests
Most couples also opt to give gifts to their out of town guests. This is especially relevant if you know that a couple of your out of town guests have had to make a huge effort to come to your wedding.

When to give the gifts

In general, the gifts are presented at the Rehearsal Dinner or in a private setting. Also, don’t forget to wrap your gifts in nice paper and bows and to add a personalized thank you note with each gift.

As regards to the actual cost of the gifts, there are no rules here. After all, it’s the thought that counts.

A final word. If you’re a wedding guest and you’re reading this, you might be wondering what to give to the bride and groom on their beach wedding.

A lot of couples register their beach wedding gifts list with a local specialty store. This is especially true if it’s their first marriage. Although preferred, you don’t have to choose a gift from the list if you don’t want to though. You can give them something unique that they will remember you by.

As regards to when you give out your beach wedding gifts, it’s best if you do not take your gifts to the reception. There’s too much going on during the big day, for couples to have time to think about gifts as well. Also, the gift may be damaged or worse, become misplaced.

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