Beach Themed Wedding Centerpiece Ideas That Will Wow Your Guests

beach themed wedding centerpieces

When it comes to beach themed wedding centerpieces you can be as creative as you wish. With just a tad bit of imagination, you can very well come up with a gorgeous centerpiece that both you and your guests will fall in love with.

Step by step guide to choosing the right centerpiece for your beach wedding

Step #1

The first thing that you need to consider is whether you will be having a special theme for your wedding. Themes that are associated with beach weddings include the ever popular tropical theme, a beach party theme, nautical theme, mermaid theme, sandcastle theme and a calla lily beach themed wedding.

If you’ve decided to add a specific theme to your wedding, then all you have to do is integrate that theme into your beach wedding centerpieces.

Step #2

If on the other hand, you’ve decided not to have a specific theme (a beach wedding is after all a fun theme in itself, right?) you still have plenty of choices that will make your centerpiece a wonderful conversation starter.

beach wedding centerpiece ideas

Step #3

Brainstorm ideas. Some simple, fun ideas for your centerpieces might include:

  • using fish bowls with real goldfish as a beach wedding centerpiece
  • putting some sand at the center of the tables and on them put sandcastle miniature models or lighthouse models. Surround the base with seashells and crushed ice (fake) to enhance the whole look.
  • use tiny flip flops and chairs to recreate a beach scene on your reception tables. These will make such cute centerpieces.
  • use lovely transparent vases, fill them with sand and artificial tropical flowers.
  • decorate centerpiece candles with seashells, calla lilies and orchids.
  • fill shallow glass bowls with water (you can put some color in the water) and place a couple of floating candles in the shape of starfish or seashells.
  • alternatively, you can just put some stunning flower arrangements and integrate sea shells, starfish, sand dollars and pebbles to compliment your other beach themed decorations.

Step #4

Think about how you can accentuate the ideas you’ve already come up with. Don’t overdo it though. Less is more, when it comes to beach weddings.

If you want the centerpieces to really grab attention, use bright colors. If on the other hand, you want them to sort of blend in with the rest of the decorations, use soft pastel or neutral colors.

If you get creative, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to decorate a beach wedding table, because if you’re on a real tight budget, even some seashells and starfish strategically placed will create an unmistakable beachy vibe.

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