3 Anchor Gifts For Her That Will Make A Lasting Impression

I can’t quite trace when my fascination with anchors started. All I know is that I love them. And not just because I love all things nautical. I love anchors because of what they represent. Anchors symbolize strength, stability and hope and who wouldn’t want these things in life?

In this article, I feature 3 of my most favorite anchor pieces. If you’d like to get her a sweet little something that she’ll love and treasure forever, take a look at these beauties below.

Anchor Gift Idea #1

 I’m in love with the colors of this anchor necklace. Isn’t it gorgeous? Such a rich copper color. And the patina on the connectors and the tiny seashells is simply amazing. 

anchor necklace

Grab this gorgeous anchor necklace HERE. She’ll love it. Guaranteed. 

Anchor Gift Idea #2 

When in doubt, get her a keychain 😉 I love the worn and distressed look this anchor keychain has. Just like it’s just been discovered at the bottom of the ocean. Would make such a sweet little surprise gift for the anchor lover. 

anchor keychain
Get this beauty HERE. 

Anchor Gift Idea #3

No anchor lover’s life is complete without an anchor anklet. They never go out of style and they have the ability to take your whole ensemble to the next level in an instant. The tiny anchor in this anklet is antiqued and distressed by hand. 

anchor anklet
Get her this lovely anchor anklet HERE. 

I hope that you enjoyed my 3 anchor gift ideas. Sometimes, all it takes to make someone’s day is to come up with a nice little meaningful gift that will give them strength and hope.  And anchors symbolize just that.