7 Pirate Bedroom Ideas (And Why I Love Them)

kids pirate bedroom ideas

One of the best ways to get inspiration and ideas about how to decorate your kids’ bedroom is to have a good look at other finished pirate themed bedrooms.

In this article, I’ve chosen 7 beautifully decorated bedrooms and I’m gonna go through why I love them, and which of their pirate themed elements I love the most.

Pirate Bedroom #1



This adorable pirate themed bedroom for small kids features a lovely blue, brown, red and white color scheme.

What I Love About This Bedroom

I love the simplicity of this bedroom. And yet even in its simplicity, it portrays the pirate theme beautifully. It doesn’t feel or look cluttered or overwhelming. The innocent, childlike theme is brilliantly executed across the whole room. Notice how the designs on the rugs, pillows, flag and growth chart all co-ordinate to perfection.

I also love the fact that they excellently incorporated some rustic elements too, despite the bedroom being for really small kids. So fitting for a pirate themed bedroom!

Big thumbs up for a 100% cohesive look.

Pirate Bedroom #2



Here they’re using the same pirate ship bed but they’ve given the whole room a much more “mature” look and feel. Plenty of rustic style decor and for the majority of the items they’ve opted for more neutral colors.

What I Love About This Bedroom

I love the subtle pirate and nautical themed items they’ve used here. The small ship’s wheel with the bell on the wall, world globe and the small pirate ship and parrot. I think that they deliberately chose more neutral colors for most things because the two focal points of this bedroom are the pirate ship bed and the shark desk. Had they used more bolder colors, the whole room would have looked chaotic.

In fact, one of the first things that you need to decide on when you’re decorating a pirate themed bedroom, is what item/s you’d like to be the center of attention of the room. Preferably this would be 1 thing (2 max), especially if it’s a small room.

Pirate Bedroom #3



A lovely, bright and airy bedroom in shades of blue, white and brown with a couple of red color accents.

What I Love About This Bedroom

Again, I love the variety of pirate and nautical themed items this bedroom has. What’s especially great about this room is that even though it’s got lots of accessories, it doesn’t feel cluttered at all. Most of the accessories are either hung on the wall or placed very close to it. This makes the room look more spacious.

I also love the fact that the red color accents were used only on the bed. This in return highlights it more.

The design of this bedroom is also great for when the child outgrows the room (and we all know that this is gonna happen at some point). All the parents need to do in this case, is remove the pirate and nautical themed accessories and replace with whatever theme they’d like to decorate the room next. If you’re super budget conscious, you can probably get away with just changing the bedding set, and the major traces of having had a pirate themed bedroom would mostly be gone.

Pirate Bedroom #4



A lovely, light and bright pirate themed bedroom in a blue, red and white color scheme.

What I Love About This Bedroom

This bedroom is proof that you don’t need to go crazy with countless pirate themed furniture and accessories to decorate your child’s bedroom with a pirate theme. If you look closely, here they managed to portray the pirate theme beautifully with just a couple of pillows, a ship frame, a flag and a pirate ship.

I also love the beautiful modern and fairly minimalist vibe this bedroom has. Remember that preferably, your kids bedroom should have the same style, look and feel of the rest of your home. So for example, if your home has a minimalist feel to it, your child’s bedroom should have a similar feel.

Just like the previous bedroom, this one here is also incredibly versatile. Kids bored with the pirate theme? No problem! Just substitute the pirate themed bedding sets and wall decor to a new theme and you’re good to go.

Pirate Bedroom #5



A welcoming pirate themed bedroom featuring a super cool bunk bed with plenty of storage for the kiddos.

What I Love About This Bedroom

I love the choice of colors of this bedroom … your classic navy blue and red (plus a few other complimentary colors) as well as touches of rustic loveliness.

I also like the fact that there are two focal points in this room: the bed with the beautiful pirate themed bedding and the awesome rug. You really don’t need a whole lot of accessories to decorate a bedroom with a pirate theme.

This bedroom design could be the perfect choice if you’re on a shoestring budget and you don’t want to spend a whole lot of money when the kids outgrow the pirate theme. When they do, simply change the rug and bedding set and everyone’s happy again. And because the colors of the furniture are quite classic, they won’t go out of fashion quickly either.

Pirate Bedroom #6



Rustic style bedroom with an authentic pirate vibe.

What I Love About This Bedroom

I really like how real and authentic this bedroom looks. Almost looks like a spot in a pirate museum or theme park doesn’t it? This bedroom would be awesome for an older kid.

I really like the attention to detail they took with the accessories too. I mean how awesome is that treasure chest with the jewels? Some great choices for pirate themed accessories and decor.

Various shades of brown give this bedroom a laid back and relaxed vibe. The touches of color in the bedding set draw the right amount of attention to it. Just perfect.

Pirate Bedroom #7



Ideal for an older child, this lovely traditionally rustic bedroom relies on a variety of nautical (with some pirate)  themed accessories to portray a pirate theme.

What I Love About This Bedroom

I love the old world feel this bedroom has. Perfect if the rest of your home has a rustic style. I also love the laid back choice of accessories. Just because you’re decorating pirate style, doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to get big, bold pirate themed furniture and accessories, if that’s not your style.

An added bonus is that this style of bedroom will probably be enjoyed by the kids for years to come, since it looks fairly “grown up” and the pirate theme is not in your face too much.

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