3 Pirate Bedroom Decorating Mistakes You’re Probably Making (And How To Fix Them)

pirate bedroom decor mistakes

For me, the planning of a room’s layout and design, and then the purchasing of all the required furniture/accessories, is the part of decorating I love the most. And this is where quite a few parents get it wrong. Well perhaps “wrong” is a harsh word because really, everyone’s taste in decor is different and in the end, if all the people using the room are happy, that’s all that matters.

However, I do feel that with a little bit of thought and planning, you can easily avoid making these pirate bedroom decorating mistakes.

3 Pirate Bedroom Decor Mistakes To Avoid

1. Overdoing it with skulls and crossbones

Everybody knows that the skulls and crossbones motif is the universal symbol of pirates. However you don’t need to buy a thousand and one skulls and crossbones accessories and put them ALL on display in your kids’ pirate bedroom either 😉 It would just be waaaay too much.

The way I see it, just a few things (sometimes even 1 item) with a skull and crossbones motif will do. Especially if it’s a small room.

In the planning stage, think of the furniture and main accessories that you’d like to have and then think of which ones of these items you’re going to have a skull and crossbones design on. For example, a small skull and crossbones design on the bedding set and a pirate flag hung on the wall. Another idea would be to have a nice skull and crossbones rug and perhaps a small pirate flag on the ship mast headboard. Ideally, you’d have one fairly large skull and crossbones design and the other one/s would be smaller and with different textures. This way the room won’t feel overwhelmed and cluttered with skulls and crossbones.

Look at how stylish this pirate bedroom below is.

It only has 1 skull and crossbones (in the form of a flag in the mural) and a skull cushion cover. If there are others, they’re much less prominent. They could have easily chosen a skull and crossbones rug but had they done that it would have been too much, since it’s too close to the mural. The whole room would have looked too cluttered. The rug they chose is perfect because it’s continuing with the same color scheme of the room.


2. Not involving your kids

It can be very tempting to get super excited about decorating the bedroom and somehow “forget” that this is going to be your kids’ room not yours. Get them involved in the design process by deciding with them which of their favorite toys and belongings will be on display, what pirate themed items they’d like to have in their room [e.g. just because you love octopus decor, doesn’t mean your child does too]. See if you can incorporate their favorite color in the room’s color scheme.

So many ways you can get them involved. Doing this will strengthen your bond and will also make them feel proud of having helped with decorating their room. It will also make them want to keep the room tidy. OK, that’s just wishful thinking haha

3. Not giving function and comfort their due importance

When the initial excitement wears off, what remains is function and comfort. So you really need to think about this while you’re still in planning mode.

What storage space will you need? We all know that kids’ rooms need lots of storage solutions, so think about what these solutions will be. Box shelf storage, bed with storage drawers, big treasure chest in front of the bed, etc. Also think about accessibility. How safely accessible will these storage spaces be for your kids?

These days, there are so many cool pirate decor and accessories that one can easily end up buying practically everything in sight. But if you do, will the kids still have room to play in? Because remember for most kids, their bedroom will also serve as their playroom.

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